Consult, design and make a prototype for a client using one or more materials

Prototypes slected in 2018 include a full scale sufboard, chest box and electric go kart

Box on photo Designed and made by Jordan Fabrie

Putaruru College year 13 senior course

Putaruru College year 13 senior course
Our Hard Materials course at level 3 are University and Trade focused, Good literacy skills are required to present research in the form of a 1000 + word report.  14 credits are offered over a period of three school terms.  Students must also produce a prototype in the workshop for a client.  


Design and make a prototype for a client.  The client has ideas around his preferred materials, joining processes and themed design.  However it is up to you to make sure the client makes informed choices before the prototype is developed.  This stakeholder feedback is required all through the manufacturing process.  It may be possible to do testing and trialling first to ensure specifications are met.  Justify any decisions made throughout the process to ensure fitness for purpose in the broadest sense.

Achievement Standards and Unit Standards

Unit Standard 91623

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Tasks 1 - 30


Testing and Trialing document Student exemplar

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